Al₂O₃ alumina ceramic grinding microbeads

Higher hardness

Higher density

Higher wear-resistance

Higher corrosion resistance


Higher temperature resistance


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92% 99.3% Alumina Grinding Ceramic Beads

Higher purity guarantee free-contamination to the grinded materials.

Higher density greatly enhance the grinding efficiency and reducing the energy cost.while effectively increasing...

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Alumina Micro Beads

Excellent characteristics of high strength,high hardness,high abrasion resistance,high density,small size,high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance and no pollution.

High pur...

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99.5% Al₂O₃ High Hardness Alumina Ball Mill Grinding Media

Higher temperature resistance

Higher pressures

Higher corrosion resistant

Smooth surface,a high degree of thermai stability,crystalline

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Alumina Grinding Balls

Grinding media is characterized by:

Higher density;

Higher hardness;

Higher wear resistance;

Higher grinding efficiency.

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Alumina Lining Bricks

Alumina Lining Bricks are the perfect solution for protection grinding ball mills from wear, as they allow for a constant use over an extended period of time without any routine maintenance. View More

Zirconium Silicate beads 65%

The content of zirconia in the beads is approximately 65% and so it is usually called “65 Zirconium”.With the advanced process of roll polishing and high temperature sintering,ther...

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Zirconia Toughened Alumina bead

Zirconia Toughened Alumina(ZTA) bead was sintered from alumina powder and zirconium silicate powder.Compared to the alumina beads,it is a new economic high-tech grinding media with the charact...

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